Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I'm not sure about filming the bridal preparations ? No problem I can start from ceremony venue
  2. What will be the duration of our wedding film?  1hr 30min  - 2 hrs depending on duration of speeches.
  3. When will our wedding film be ready? I usually try to have it ready 6-8 weeks after the wedding.
  4. How do you record the sound?  Using a variety of audio recorders & lapel mics (sometimes upto 6 different audio sources during ceremony)
  5. Can we pick the music?  Music brings the footage alive so yes please send me your suggestions
  6. What sort of Cameras do you use?   Canon & Sony DSLRs 
  7. How many camera angles? Sometimes I use 2/3 static cameras depending on venues, permissions & safety
  8. Do we have to provide a meal for the Videographer? No please don’t include me in your plans.  After shooting the entrance of the Bride & Groom into the reception room - I get some bar food at my own expense.
  9. Booking procedure? A deposit is required to secure booking with balance of payment due on wedding day (Bank draft, Paypal, Cash)